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Its Specialization
KPK’s “CONTRACTS DIVISION” based in Chennai, India, is one of the leading providers of Complete Concrete Flooring Solutions with in-house facilities to Design and Customize every Industrial flooring requirement. Its fine array of Local and Imported Machinery makes KPK a leading player in the Concrete Flooring segment with Industrial clients from around India and Abroad.
    KPK Engineering Company -  Contracts Division (present activities):

Concrete Floor Castings using Vacuum De-Watering system technology with indigenous and imported machineries.

Industrial Flooring
Container Yards
Concrete Roads
Runways / Railway Platforms
Cannel Lining
Ports and Jetty Heads
Heavy Vehicle Depots
Concrete Products
Higher Compressive Strength
Faster Initial Strength
Reduced Shrinkage
Reduced Permeability
Most Durable Wear / Abrasion Resistant Flooring
Faster Speed on Construction
28 Days strength gained in 7 days
Most Economical and suitable for heavy duty floors
Cement saving by Approx. 15%
Reduced Shuttering time
Rapid concreting giving time and Labour Economy
Double beam screed vibrator
Jamshedji double beam screed vibrator is self-traveling and only requires   guiding along the formwork dragged by two operators and they do not need   to work in concrete. It is light in weight, economical to maintain, durable high   quality heavy-duty spring steel, portable stressing bars for leveling. Beams of   different sizes can be provided, if ordered.
Over all length 4200 mm
Width 410mm
Height 125mm
Total weight 128.500kg
Power unit Electric drive motor 2 H.P.
Vacuum pump with hose
Jamshedji Vacuum De-watering units give fast, simple and easy removal of   Excess water from concrete slab after compaction and leveling allowing floor   Finishing to be achieved much sooner than other methods .It is a self   contained unit powered by 7.5 H.P. Electric Motor mounted on transportation   trolley.
Length 2200 mm
Height 880 mm
Pump Capacity 110m/ Hr.
Power Unit 7.5 H.P. Electric Motor
Width 660 mm
Weight 320 kg
Capable of dewatering aprrox.35 m in one operation. It’s Advantages:   Shorter waiting time before floating and polishing, earlier removal of   Shuttering, simple operation, flexible rolls out suction mat and patented Filter   cloths, quicker initial set and high strength (7 days strength in 3 days, 28   days strength in 7 days) increased compressive strength, Reduced floor wear   due to high quality surface created imperviousness Better protection against   freeze –than conditions diminate and need for hard topping extracted water   can be recycled Lower Initial Operating Cost more efficient than traditional methods.
Vacuum dewatering flooring
Suction Mat and Top Mat
The suction mat and the top mat are the most important part of the vacuum   de watering system. The suction mat also known as the FILTER MAT   compromises of a filter cloth on a wire mesh. The filter mat makes sure that   the cement fines are not sucked in during the vacuum process size is 35 sq   meters total. The filter mat comes in four pieces (according to the   requirement of the client. The top mat is only placed on top of the filter mat it   dose the work of sealing the vacuum and the size is 35 sq meters.
Concrete floor using vacuum dewatering system

Power Float
Over all height 980 mm
Floating speed 120 RPM
Over all length 980 mm
Equipment weight 140 kg
Working diameter 890 mm
Disc weight 30 kg.
Concrete floor using power trowel machine

Power trowel
It is the surface finishing equipment, powered by a standard 3.0 H.P electric   motor. It polishes the surface after floating operation. Two passes are   suitable for non-dusting floors. Spare trowel blades are easily available.
Over all height 980 mm
Floating speed 120 RPM
Over all length 980 mm
Equipment weight 145 kg
Working diameter 890 mm
Disc weight 9 kg.
Floor finishing using ride on trowel machine

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